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Knowlege is power in a claim for personal injuries or wrongful death.“The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is mere tenacity.” – Amelia Earhart

I believe that the best way to deal with any problem is face it immediately and directly. I’ll give you an example. I have three kids, and we are very close. I will never forget our first encounter with a schoolyard bully. My son was almost four. A bigger kid was picking on him, and he had already turned the other cheek. It was time for him to face his problem. Making the decision to face the problem was the first step in solving it.

Boxing childWe talked that night. “I don’t ever want you to start a fight,” I said. “But, you can’t let people push you around. Sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves, and this is one of those times. This time, when he comes to take your toy, stand up. Look him dead in the eye and say, ‘I am playing with this toy, now. Go find another one, please!’”

The next day, I took the kids to daycare myself. My son was understandably nervous. I was terrified. His little sister (we called her “Rattlesnake” at the time) was giddy with anticipation and could not wait for the confrontation.

Inside we discovered that the bully was not there. He was gone and he would not be back. He had been asked to leave because of his behavior. Apparently, my kid was not the only one he had bullied.

My son was vindicated and proud. I was relieved. My daughter was devastated. But really, we all felt good. Maybe we had been a little lucky, but we were ready either way. We had recognized a problem, decided to act, formulated a good plan, and faced it head on.

Injured Car Accident VictimInjuries resulting from car accidents, industrial accidents, work place accidents, and other accidents cause physical and emotional pain. However, as we all know, the world doesn’t just stop because we encounter difficult situations. Our bills and obligations continue to mount no matter how badly we are hurting. Those mounting bills and obligations create financial burdens. Sometimes those burdens seem too heavy for us to bear. But, we can’t give up. We must go on. We have others who depend on us, and we can’t let them down. The first step in solving our problems is to make the decision to act.

Your injury is a problem and the best way to deal with it is directly and immediately. The first step is the decision to act. You have already taken that first step; you have made the decision to gather information so that you can make informed decisions. You have barely gotten started and are ahead of most people. You ought to feel good about that.

Our firm’s philosophy is simple. We empower people by giving them the information that they need to make good decisions. We believe that if people have good information that they will make good decisions.

Think about it. Most bad decisions are made based upon unreliable information. You might leave your umbrella at home because you did not know it would rain or because you were told it would not rain. If you knew it would rain you would make the logical decision to bring your umbrella. Accurate information leads to good decisions.

What Are the Questions You Should Ask When Injured in an Accident?

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Making informed decisions is critical to achieving the best outcome. We believe that if you have reliable information that you will choose our firm and that if we can help you achieve the best outcome, you will trust us to help with all of your legal needs in the future.