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When the Insurance Adjuster asks for a Recorded StatementAfter my last article on the topic of the insurance adjuster’s request for a “Recorded Statements”, I got some feedback from insurance adjusters across the web. The common thread was,

“We are just doing a proper investigation?  What are we supposed to do … sign a blank check?”  – Insurance Adjuster

That is a reasonable response, I suppose. I thought I would show you questions from a specific statement to further illustrate my point?  Below, you will find the questions I took from a recently recorded statement. I did not include the answers because they contain private information about my client. He gave this statement before he called me. We were able to get in quickly and repair the damage.

If you know what to look for you can see it. These are not casual questions. This is not a case of, “I just want to hear from you what happened.” These are specific, intentional, calculated questions that were prepared by a team of very experience injury defense lawyers.  They are designed to eliminate or substantially reduce the value of your claim. If you read them carefully, you will understand exactly why you need an auto accident attorney if you have been injured in an auto accident.

Mr. Jones, do I have your permission to record this conversation?

When the accident occurred, where were you going?

Where were you coming from?

What was the purpose of your trip?

[What difference does that make?]

How many lanes are there in each direction?

[What if you say “3” and there were 5?]

What is the speed limit?

[What if you get this one wrong?]

What were the weather conditions?

What color was the vehicle that hit you?

How did the accident happen?

[The other driver hit me on the driver’s side; on the left.]

The insurance lawyers will examine your recorded statement.[A team of lawyers will carefully examine every word of the type-written transcripted of these questions and your answers.]

Okay, so he hits you on the right side?

[No. The left side.]

When did you first see him before impact?

[That sounds important.]

Did you apply the brakes?

You were able to crawl out of your vehicle?

Did the other driver say anything?

Were there any independent witnesses?

Were you injured requiring medical attention?

So, no broken bones?

Do you have any plans to seek additional medical treatment?


Is that based on something?

[Excuse me.]

Do you know why you would possibly need more medical treatment?

How long did your doctor tell you to wait?

[Where is he going with this?]

Have you been injured in an accident before?

[I’ve been in a wreck before, but I did not have to go to the hospital.]

So that would be a no?


Any previous problems with your neck or back?

[Well, in high school I …]

Any preexisting health conditions?

Have you missed work?

What is your occupation?

How much do you make an hour?

How many hours have you missed?

[Notice the simplicity, the order and the conclusion.  Feeling boxed in?]

Did you take any prescription medication prior to the accident?

[Save the confrontational questions for last. – Trial Law 101].

Did you consume any alcohol?

Did you take any drugs?

Were you on a cell phone at the time of the accident?

Were you texting?

The North Carolina Auto Injury BookThey have the knowledge, experience, and the resources. Their legal team has created a series of specific questions intentionally designed to gut your claim.  What if you had a resource? What if there was an experience professional you could consult? What if there was a book that had helpful information about this process?  Is it reasonable to call for my free book or to ask questions? The call is free (even if you have already spoken with the adjuster or given a recorded statement). There is no obligation.  (910) 341-7570.National Recognition