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In this informative video, Clarke Speaks discusses his firm’s view on custody cases and fathers’ rights.

In North Carolina, judges will often give primary custody to the mother and not the father. This can seriously limit the access that the father has to his children. As a result, if you are going through a custody case, it is important to find an attorney who has experience with these matters.

Speaks Law Firm understands and recognizes that many fathers are very engaged and devoted to their children. As a result, this bias toward providing mothers with primary custody can be harmful to the father and the children.

Mr. Speaks explains that he puts a lot of energy and effort into developing and promoting fathers’ rights. This is important to him because both the father and the children benefit by maintaining a strong relationship.

If you are going through a custody case, call an attorney that understands fathers’ rights—call Clarke Speaks at 877.593.4233.