The media has focused a lot of attention on athletes who have suffered devastating traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The reason why athletes, especially football players, are suffering these types of serious injuries is due to direct impacts (e.g. a head-to-head hit). However, athletes aren’t the only ones suffering traumatic brain injuries in North Carolina.

When an occupant inside a motor vehicle suffers a blow to the head in a Wilmington auto accident, head trauma could be the result. When trauma to the head occurs, a person’s mood, memory, personality, speech, and vision could be affected. Sadly, auto accident victims who have suffered traumatic brain injuries have lifelong problems. Because these types of injuries require extensive medical treatment, TBIs are not only serious injuries but costly as well. This is why it is important to have a skilled North Carolina traumatic brain injury lawyer on your side to make sure you are compensated appropriately.

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