In this useful video, North Carolina auto accident lawyer R. Clarke Speaks explains his new book and why he wrote it.

In the many cases that Mr. Speaks and his law firm have represented, he has seen clients make mistakes early in their cases before obtaining representation. This often happens before they have had a chance to speak to a personal injury attorney. These mistakes can cost the client a large amount of money.

As a result, Mr. Speaks wrote The North Carolina Auto Injury Book in order to provide those injured in an accident the information they need to make good decisions. The book is written to help out even before seeking representation.

Mr. Speaks continues to explain that the book covers some common questions like:

  • Should you seek representation
  • Should you provide a recorded statement
  • What information and actions you need immediately

Don’t make a costly mistake—get a free copy of Mr. Speaks’ book today. The book can be obtained by calling Speaks Law Firm at 877.593.4233 or by filling out the online form at the Speaks Law Firm website.