There can be many challenges in personal injury law. However, as North Carolina personal injury attorney R. Clarke Speaks explains in this video, one recent trend that has emerged as a major problem and concern is social media posting.

Those that are injured in an accident will at times post on Facebook or Twitter about their accident or resulting injuries. The problem with this is that the insurance companies can use this information against a claim. This may include trying to show that you are not as injured as you claim to be, essentially undermining your case.

Mr. Speaks explains that with personal injury cases, it is important to not exaggerate the severity of your injury. You must also ensure that your injuries are properly documented.

Mr. Speaks continues by providing examples of posts that could be used against you. You may post a picture of yourself at the beach; the insurance company can then use this to show that you are not injured. If you post a statement that you are at a party, the insurance company can claim that you must not have been in that much pain because you attended a party. This can lead to diminishing the value of your claim.

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