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Today’s fathers are hands-on. They take their children to school, play with them, feed them, love them, read them stories, put them to bed, and even coach their little league teams. However, when divorce occurs, fathers are often forgotten.

Because courts historically have given legal custody to mothers—not fathers—many fathers are denied accessibility to their children, even though they are fit and loving parents. If you have been denied access or involvement in your child’s life, you should learn about fathers’ rights in North Carolina. Children need their fathers, and our law firm works really hard to give fathers access to their children.

After a divorce in Wilmington, you should learn about your rights as a father. Speak with an attorney who will inform you of your parental rights and will fight to get you the access to your children that you deserve. Contact the Speaks Law Firm at 877.593.4233 or online at https://www.speakslaw.com/contact/.