In this video, Wilmington personal injury lawyer R. Clarke Speaks discusses how his firm maximizes recovery for personal injury cases. In order to maximize the recovery for a personal injury case, Speaks Law Firm uses creativity and technology.

Mr. Speaks explains that his firm takes the time to understand and plan how to tell the story of the injured client in the most effective way possible. This includes showing how the injury happened and the effect that the injury has had on the client and his family.

This creative approach is implemented through technology. For example, in one fire case that the firm represented, the insurance company wanted to reject the claim, saying that the injured person could have taken a different course of conduct.

Instead of accepting this, the Speaks Law Firm put themselves in the shoes of their client. They went to the scene of the fire and compiled a series of pictures, generating a 360 degree perspective to show the insurance company. This helped prove that no matter what direction the injured client went in, he would have still been injured.

By taking this approach with the above example, the firm was able to show that the client had no other option and that the accident was not his fault. This ultimately ended in a favorable settlement for the injured client.

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