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Commercial Vans and Trucks: How to Respond to a North Carolina Truck Collision

Car accidents are commonplace in our society; even a small-town police department can expect to be called out for a fender-bender or two on a daily basis. Less common—but more dangerous—are collisions between vehicles of unequal size. As Wilmington truck accident lawyers, we know that when a delivery van collides with a car backing out of a driveway or a motorcycle on the highway, the riders in the smaller vehicle have the greatest risk of danger.

The Dimensions of the Risk

Commercial Truck Wreck in North CarolinaAs a rule, truckers tend to be good drivers.  They have professional driving experience, continuous driver training and a vested interest in driving safely. Nevertheless, figures compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations how that over 3,600 people were killed in fatal truck accidents in 2010. The graver injuries caused by truck collisions isn’t just a byproduct of a truck or van’s greater mass. Many commercial vehicles carry toxic or flammable cargo, which increases the risk of injury to people in other vehicles when a catastrophic accident occurs.


The Range of Possible Recovery

A collision with a commercial vehicle in North Carolina can be a devastating experience. If you decide to seek compensation for your losses in such an accident, you can certainly sue the driver whose negligence caused the collision. However, it’s also possible you may have a valid legal claim against the truck driver’s employer. If the driver was driving the truck as part of his job when the accident occurred, or if he was going to or returning from a job site, then the trucking company, delivery service, or local business which employs him may also be liable for your injuries. In addition, under some circumstances, you may have a claim against the business that owns, manufactured, or loaded the cargo the truck carried, or the business responsible for maintenance and repairs on the truck or van.

We will look into your commercial truck accident claim.Figuring out who bears the financial responsibility for your injuries due to a North Carolina commercial truck crash is a complicated matter. We have extensive experience with commercial truck accidents and can help by investigating the matter thoroughly. He will look into driver safety skills and training, the safety and business practices of the driver’s company, and all other aspects of the incident that might affect liability.

The Goal: A Solid Recovery for Your Losses

North Carolina Truck Accident LawyersA completed inquiry into your North Carolina commercial vehicle accident can reveal the scope of legal liability for your medical bills, pain, disability, and lost wages. At Speaks Law Firm, we believe we can put that information to effective use to get you the fair compensation to which you are entitled.

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