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State governments issue commercial licenses to people who drive vehicles for a living. The commercial trucking industry has been supportive of state licensing regulations for commercial vehicle drivers, even though the rules may require lengthy safety training programs. Truckers recognize that maintaining high safety standards for the industry means greater protection for everyone on the highways of North Carolina and other states.

However, occasionally you will read a news story about a serious truck accident near Wilmington or Fayetteville involving a truck driver with a fraudulent commercial license. The problem of truck drivers carrying fake commercial licenses is not a new issue, and it’s not going away. Indeed, it’s a serious threat on the nation’s highways—one you need to be aware of.

Thirty Tons of Steel… And One Unlicensed Driver

Why would anyone drive a 60,000-pound commercial truck without a valid license? There are basically two reasons why a driver would take to the road with a fake commercial license:

The Driver Has Lost His License

It may have been for reckless driving, intoxicated driving, vehicular homicide, or some other offense. Whatever the reason, the authorities in the trucker’s home state will not reinstate his license to drive, and the trucker is willing to take the risk that he won’t get caught driving without authorization.

The Driver has not completed the Requirements for Licensure

The trucker may have chosen not to attend required safety classes, or perhaps he has been unable to pass the tests successfully.

High incomes in the trucking industry provide tremendous incentive for someone whose only job skill is driving to continue as a commercial trucker even if he can no longer do so legally. There’s only one little problem: by definition, these are unsafe drivers. They either have not passed required training to be licensed, or else they have demonstrated that they should not be on the road. A truck driver with a fraudulent commercial license poses an enormous threat to all the vehicles sharing the road with him.

Injured by a driver with a fake license? Get legal help immediately!

If you have been injured in a North Carolina truck accident caused by a trucker with a fake commercial license, you need to be especially careful to preserve your rights for an economic recovery. It is possible that the driver is not adequately insured to cover your expenses for medical care, missed time at work, rehabilitation, property losses, suffering, and other costs. If the driver was employed by a trucking firm, however, that company may be liable for your injuries due to negligence in verifying the driver’s license record.

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