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I’ve Been Injured in a Wilmington, North Carolina Accident. Do I Need a Lawyer?

Even if it’s just a simple fender-bender, accidents are stressful events. All too often, however, someone is injured in an accident. This makes things even more complicated; on top of dealing with pain and your recovery, you probably have a lot of questions running through your head. What should I attend to first? How will I work? Who will provide for my family while I’m recovering? What if my claim from the insurance company isn’t enough to cover my medical bills or expenses?

The question many people leave out can be one of the most important: Do I need a lawyer? Many people think that they should try to “go it alone,” worried that their case might not be important enough to require legal assistance. In smaller communities like Wilmington and the surrounding towns, it may feel strange to consider legal action for an accident that could have involved someone you’ve known for years.

I Already Received a Claim. Do I still need an Attorney?

The thing to remember is that your battle isn’t directly with the person who caused your accident—it’s with the insurance company. Insurance companies are tough contenders. They have their own legal teams and are used to being challenged by people like you. This usually doesn’t make them the “bad guys,” though. The adjusters are trying to do their jobs just like you, but their job is to settle claims quickly at a low cost to their company—which doesn’t always work out in your favor.

Wilmington Personal Injury Attorneys

If you live in the Wilmington, NC area, you have a great resource. Clarke Speaks, of the North Carolina accident lawyers at Speaks Law Firm, used to work defending the insurance companies. He knows the approach that they take, and uses that knowledge in his own practice today. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, a fire, or a slip and fall accident, Clarke draws on his time spent with insurance companies to get you the claim that you deserve.

Clarke’s book, The North Carolina Auto Injury Book: Including 20 Secrets to Maximize Your Claim, is a good place to start if you’ve been in a Wilmington-area car wreck. If you suffered injuries that involve North Carolina premise liability, like a fire or a fall, speaking to a personal injury attorney could be crucial to getting a settlement you deserve. Call Clarke and his legal team at the Speaks Law Firm today at 910-341-7570  to schedule a consultation. It’s the first step on your road to recovery.