You say that you weren’t seriously injured. How can you know that? If you think your injuries were unimportant, you probably haven’t gone to the emergency room or even your family doctor to get checked out. Our concern is that serious—even life-threatening—injuries can mask themselves for days or weeks after an accident … and then reveal themselves to be critical injuries requiring urgent treatment. You need to get your condition evaluated immediately.

Whiplash is one of the more common results of a North Carolina rear-end collision. This type of injury can worsen over time, leading to pain months after the initial trauma. If it turns out that you have whiplash or another subtle injury, do you really think it’s fair that you might shoulder the costs of your medical treatment when someone else was responsible for the accident that harmed you?

The second reason for you to take legal action

Fairness is another reason why you ought to contact a Wilmington personal injury law firm soon. Most injury lawyers in North Carolina offer free first-time consultations for potential clients, so you can learn if you have a case and meet the attorney who can represent you. Basically, there is no risk to you in asking an attorney to look at your situation, so we can’t understand why anyone would not want to get in touch with a lawyer.

But maybe you’re shy, or maybe you really think you would be profiting at the expense of someone else. We can respect that, but let us suggest that there is another reason why you should consider a lawsuit: civic duty. The streets of North Carolina are less safe if there is a driving instructor or a driving school that is doing a bad job training student drivers. If the accident—minor accident—that happened to you is due to poor instruction techniques or negligent instructor supervision, this driving school may be turning out hundreds of dangerous drivers every year.

Don’t you have an obligation to your fellow citizens to call attention to this hazard? Wouldn’t a lawsuit be an effective way to let the driving school know they will be held accountable for turning out poorly trained young drivers?

Get your questions answered

It’s true that we’ve responded to your question with just more questions of our own. That’s because the biggest question of all—Do I want to move forward to see that my legal rights are protected?—is something only you can answer.

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