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Clarke Speaks basketball coachClarke Speaks is a well-intentioned youth sports coach.  He coaches kids soccer and basketball.  He makes up for his limited knowledge of youth sports with great effort and enthusiasm.

National Recognition

Speaks Law Firm is recognized by National Attorney ranking services for excellence in the fields of auto injury and workers’ compensation in North Carolina.  We have received a “10” out of a maximum score of 10 by national attorney rating service AVVO.  AVVO has also rated us “Superb” and “Top Car Accident Attorney”. In addition and for the several consecutive years we have been selected to Superlawyers by Thomson Reuters.  We have also been selected to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers for the several years in a row.

Does this Recognition Really Matter

This recognition is important because it reflects our commitment to the relentless pursuit of the objectives of our clients. Every client is our most important client. These awards show that commitment.

Why Makes Us Special

We focus on each case like it is our only case. We thrive on finding creative, comprehensive and effective ways to exceed client expectations. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

What We Do

We are Wilmington, North Carolina, accident and personal injury lawyers, auto accident lawyers, workers’ compensation lawyers, traumatic brain injury lawyers, state and federal criminal defense lawyers, and civil litigation attorneys.

Other Information

Our office is located in Wilmington, North Carolina, but we represent people all over eastern North Carolina and the southeastern United States.  We were founded in 1997.  Our team of attorneys and support professionals at Speaks Law Firm has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to vigorously protect and promote your rights. Call today for for more information.

Wilmington NC Law Office

Personal Injury & Workers Compensation.  We use our experience, relationships, and determination to Maximize your Recovery in every personal injury case.  Defendants do not want to pay claims.  They do not want to pay for the injuries that they cause.  They want you to go away.  It is important that your law firm have broad and extensive trial experience in order to insure a fair settlement from the insurance company.  Most of the time we do not have to try cases.  But if necessary, we will.  That is important, because if the firm you hire never tries cases (and most personal injury firms do not), why would a defendant every settle a claim for full value?

The answer: They would not. They will give just enough to make you go away. We have represented clients in serious injury cases, large tractor trailer truck cases, cases involving fire injuries and burns, and wrongful death cases all over North Carolina.  We have successfully represented people in complex injury lawsuits and other civil litigation cases with hospitals, universities, large organizations, Banks, insurance companies and individuals. We help good people through tough times and succeed in the most complex and difficult legal conditions, because Every Client Is Our Most Important Client.

Wilmington Personal Injury LawyersCRIMINAL DEFENSE.  Due to our personal injury and workers’ compensation caseload. We are not accepting criminal cases at this time. If you call we will be happy to refer you to another criminal defense attorney if we are able.

For years we have effectively represented thousands of people charged with criminal offenses such as traffic offenses, DWI and other criminal offenses. We also defend those charged with misdemeanor (such as assault, larceny, shoplifting, and simple possession of marijuana or paraphernalia. We defend those charged with felony offenses in State and Federal Court at the trial and appellate level. We can help with pre-arrest investigations, surrender, indictment, first appearance, bond hearings, motions, pleas, trials, sentencings, appeals and motions for appropriate relief. We have been successful in the most difficult and complex criminal cases because of our experience, attention to detail, client communication, and commitment to winning because Every Client Is Our Most Important Client.

Civil Litigation. Civil litigation is the process of legally resolving disputes between individuals or businesses.  These disputes usually involve money.  One party sues another for money damages.  The other may deny liability and assert their own claims.  We represent individuals and businesses in civil litigation cases throughout all stages of the litigation process-from the Civil Summons, to the Complaint, the Answer, Discovery, Interrogatories, Request for Admission, Request for Production of Documents, Depositions, Motions, Mediation, Arbitration, trial and appeal.  We have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in these situations due to our broad range of trial experience, commitment to finding creative solutions to complex legal problems and because Every Client Is Our Most Important Client.