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R. Clarke Speaks


R. Clarke Speaks is a personal injury lawyer in Wilmington, North Carolina. Clarke recovers money for people injured in auto and workplace accidents....

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Ashley Smith


Ashley Smith is an experienced, professional and effective divorce and custody lawyer fighting relentlessly to accomplish the legal objectives of her clients....

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T. Christopher Bell


As an associate attorney of Speaks Law Firm, Chris Bell focuses on cases involving claims for personal injury and workers' compensation....

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Accident Lawyers, Injury Lawyers, Workers Compensation Lawyers & Divorce Lawyers

What is your question?

The Accident Lawyers, Injury LawyersWorkers' Compensation Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers at Speaks Law Firm are available to answer your questions in several ways.

You can call (910) 341-7570, "chat" (drop down or bottom right), or fill out the "Get Help Now" contact form (to the left), or order one of our free publications (below). 

How we can help?

Call us. We help injured people recover money after auto, workplace and other accidents. Our divorce lawyers help people with divorce, custody and family law matters. If  we can help and add value, we will tell you. If we cannot, we will tell you that, too. In either case, we can provide reliable information. You can use it to make good decisions.  Good decisions lead to positive outcomes.

The North Carolina Auto Injury BookSpeaks Law TeamAttorney Clarke Speaks been helping injured people recover money since 1997. He co-authored a guidebook for the North Carolina Bar Association. He has written several other books. He wrote The North Carolina Auto Injury Book for people injured in auto and other accidents in North Carolina. He produced Road to Recovery, A Magazine for People Injured on the Road or at Work, booklets and other materials on injury law, accident law, workers compensation law and divorce and custody. These materials are available for purchase at or for free on this site. Please call us at (910) 341-7570 for additional information.

Clarke Speaks basketball coachOutside of work Attorney Clarke Speaks is a well-intentioned youth sports coach. He makes up for his limited athletic ability with great effort and enthusiasm. In spite of his athletic limitations, Clarke is an exceptional lawyer. 

Clarke is also the leader of a talented and accomplished team of dedicated attorneys and legal professionals. This all star team includes Injury Litigation Attorneys Chris Bell, Jessica Cornette, Garron Michael and Audra Matney.  Attorney Ashley Smith leads the Divorce and Custody Division of Speaks Law Firm. These are experienced and caring professionals who work together to solve the legal problems our clients face.

The members of our team have been handpicked based on demonstrated experience, dedication, professionalism, and compassion. They have been trained in our system and in the legal process. In every case we learn, we implement and we improve. This combination of people, training and constant improvement makes us very good at what we do.  

Our team is dedicated to helping you get to a better place. We get to know you. We learn your story. We know the law. We have a proven track record of success. We care about the results we obtain for our clients.

Outside of work, we have families, hobbies and interests just like you. To learn more about the people who have worked so hard to achieve the recognition and awards described below see About Us.




R. Clarke Speaks
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Trial Lawyer and Founder of Speaks Law Firm, P.C.

About Us

Our Reputation

The Speaks Law Firm is an award winning firm comprised of outstanding legal professionals who care deeply for our clients. We have achieved recognition by national attorney ranking sites such as AVVO and Super Lawyers.

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Our Experience

We have represented people against the state and federal government, Fortune 500 Companies, large Universities and nearly every major insurance company operating in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

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Our Focus

Every client is our most important client. That has been our core philosophy since this firm was founded in 1997. We recognize that there are hundreds of lawyers you could choose to help you with these challenges.


Our Commitment

From the coast to the mountains, North Carolina is as beautiful as it is unique. Wilmington and the surrounding areas are great places to live, work, and visit, with a rich history and charming culture.


The Road to Recovery Magazine (Yours FREE, a $3.95 Value)

The Road to Recovery Magazine (Yours FREE, a $3.95 Value)

Road to Recovery is a magazine for people injured in auto, motorcycle, truck, workplace, industrial and other accidents in North Carolina.

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The North Carolina Auto Injury Book (Yours FREE, a $12.99 Value)

The North Carolina Auto Injury Book (Yours FREE, a $12.99 Value)

The comprehensive book on auto injuries in North Carolina: what you should do to protect yourself after an Injury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I was injured in a car accident. Do I need a lawyer?

Maybe you need a lawyer. Maybe you don't. But, you do need information. We can provide it. We can answer your questions and give you reliable information. With reliable information you can make good decisions.

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I saw your TV commercial. You said, "No FEE unless we recover." What does that mean exactly?

If we are unable to recover money for your claim, you do not have to pay us any money at all for our services. If we do recover money, we deduct a percentage of it as a fee, pay medical liens and give you the rest.

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I was in a serious car accident. How can I find the very best lawyer for my injury claim?

Auto injury attorneys work with insurance adjusters to help people who have been injured recover fair compensation. On average people recover 3.5 times more money with an attorney than without one. Attorneys are able to recover even more if they are experienced, knowledgeable, professional and effective.

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I work for a local company. I was hurt at work three days ago. I am getting medical treatment but I am not sure how all of this works. Do I have a workers compensation claim?

If you were hurt at work, then you may have a workers compensation claim. You may have one even if you were responsible in some way for your injuries. Your claim may be valuable. If you are like most people, you just want to get better and get back to work.

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Do I need a lawyer to handle my property damage claim after an auto accident?

Chances are, you don’t.  Like anything, some of these claims get complicated, but many are straight-forward.  Lots of people are capable of handling this process by themselves without a lawyer. Some people change their own oil.  Some people handle their own propety damage claims.

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