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Do I Need To File For Legal Separation?

Many of my clients share the same concern when it comes to separation and divorce.  They have been living separately from their spouse for some time, but have not filed for “legal separation”. They are concerned that this will prevent… Read More

What should I look for in a divorce lawyer?

North Carolina Family Lawyer:  Rule 1 – Do No Harm Divorce and custody cases can be heartbreaking and painful. They are almost always emotionally and legally challenging for all of those involved. Because most divorce and custody cases are emotionally… Read More

Should I get a divorce?

Wilmington Divorce Attorney Ashley Smith Is it absolutely necessary? When considering divorce, it is important gather information and consider it carefully.  At Speaks Law Firm, we don’t encourage divorce. We don’t take it lightly. We understand how families are affected.… Read More

What are the causes of divorce?

What Causes Divorce? There are lots of different causes for divorce.  Every case is different.  However, in my experience three factors contribute more than most. First, constant disagreement over financial issues causes many marital problems.  Income, expenses, savings, investments and… Read More

After divorce, are fathers forgotten?

Our grandmothers were homemakers.  They were cooked, cleaned and cared for children.  Men worked.  After a long day they sat down, put their feet up and read the paper. They watched the news and played golf on Saturdays. Our parents’… Read More